The Treaty With China, its Provisions Explained New York Tribune, Tuesday, August 28, 1868

By Mark Twain

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New York Tribune, Tuesday, August 28, 1868

Every one has read...

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...attacking the citizens or subjects of any Power
or party or...

Page 2 they have
been anywhere in China, perhaps it was entirely just that they should
pay for...

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...clause has its significance. There is
in China a class of foreigners who demand privileges, concessions

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...However, to pursue my narrative,
some priests of the Dominican order arrived, and very shortly began

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...a brick, the paper does not compliment any officer
for arresting the assaulter, for the simple...

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...from disturbance or profanation.

The old treaty protected "Christian" citizens of the United States from
persecution. The...

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...countries where no disabilities are inflicted on a man for
his religion's sake, in the matter...

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... agree to pass laws making it a penal offense for a citizen

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...6. Citizens of the United States visiting or residing
in China...

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...if a Chinaman enters a street car to ride with the Negroes
and the Indians and...

Page 11 take out naturalization papers
under this treaty and become citizens. I do believe it. They...

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...large, and 15,000 or 20,000 in San Francisco. They
occupy a quarter just out of the...

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...fact that
California yields twenty million bushels of wheat this year! California
and Oregon will fill up...

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...discouraging all practices of unnecessary dictation and
intervention by one nation...

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...with suspicion. They want railways and telegraphs,
but they fear to put these engines of power...

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that plows its pitiless way through these myriads of sacred hillocks
will carry dismay and distress...

Page 17 the world, by
showing toward her a spirit which invites her esteem and her confidence