The Facts Concerning the Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut

By Mark Twain

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by Mark Twain

I was feeling blithe,...

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...more than two feet high. He seemed to be about forty years old.
Every feature and...

Page 2 miserable ash-cat! you will have to give a little more
attention to your manners, or...

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...With fiery earnestness I responded:

"I told that girl, in the kindest, gentlest way, that I...

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...instance," said he, "take the case of your younger brother, when
you two were boys together,...

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...does not move more quickly than my Conscience did!
He darted aloft so suddenly that in...

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...heart, to see that my owner was still my prisoner. I

"Hang you, I might have...

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I broke out with strong indignation: "This is simply an outrage. That is
what I think...

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...a trifle when we get a chance, which is most of the time. We
enjoy it....

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...wish you may live as long as I do, if you didn't make
me smart all...

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...high, and--"

"Oh, come! who is to blame?"

"I don't know."

"Why, you are; nobody else."

"Confound you, I...

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...theirs while they last! Just you put your trust
in me."

"I think I can. But if...

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...he does is an odious sin; and then he sets to
work and almost tortures the...

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...I blushed scarlet, and my tongue
was tied. As the sense of my guilty negligence waxed...

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...eyes. "Oh,
promise, or you are lost! Promise, and be redeemed! Promise! Promise and
live!" With a...