The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Part 8.

By Mark Twain

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...nearly so. It
would be complete, however, as soon as the messenger dispatched with
the great news...

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...looked as
if she had passed through a wasting illness.

Tom learned of Huck's sickness and went...

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he lifted his voice against this bloody-minded outcast.

Injun Joe's bowie-knife lay close by, its blade...

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...first in the list of
the cavern's marvels; even "Aladdin's Palace" cannot rival it.

Injun Joe was...

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...Tom, who had only
heard of the Welshman's part of it before.

"Well," said Huck, presently, coming...

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...hole I got out
of with a fishing-pole. See if you can find it."

Huck searched all...

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...they reached the
"jumping-off place." The candles revealed the fact that it was not
really a precipice,...

Page 8 once, and he had not dug four inches
before he struck wood.

"Hey, Huck!--you hear that?"


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...and I'll come up in the morning and we'll count it
and divide, and then we'll...

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...them along in a hurry."

"And you did just right," said the widow. "Come with me,...

Page 11'll catch it!"

Some minutes later the widow's guests were at the supper-table, and a
dozen children...

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...anything now. This one makes it sing mighty small, I'm
willing to allow."

The money was counted....

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...looked so tall and so superb as when he
walked the floor and stamped his foot...

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...won't let me sleep in the woodshed; I got to wear them
blamed clothes that just...

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...stove if I was to set on it long
enough. No, Tom, I won't be rich,...

Page 16 swear on a coffin, and sign it with

"Now, that's something LIKE! Why, it's a...